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Desert city bets on ancient grottoes更多>>
Wang, who has worked at Luolai for five years, said she is confident in China-made products and believes sales will continue to rise. 2020-10-8
Now we can see that it really helps to increase the number of applications. 2020-10-24
The library, cinemas, tourist attractions and travel agencies in Taicang have launched various activities to offer plenty of options. 2020-10-11
Nestled deep in mountains, the area is classed as especially impoverished by the countrys standard, with local peoples income under 1,000 yuan (0) a year. 2020-10-19
A warning sign has been placed around the crater to alert people to keep away. 2020-10-2
The facility is the worlds only cross-border free trade zone. 2020-10-4
Michael Casey, chairman and CEO of Carters Inc, says that he has been happy with the companys performance in China. 2020-10-9
Article 60 of the new environment law allows inspectors to directly shut down polluting companies. 2020-10-7
French authors set out on the Yangtze River更多>>
George Magnus, senior independent economic adviser to UBS AG, believes that China has the necessary firepower to make it into the top league. 2020-10-2
In August 2016, a patient was not recovering after treatment in a local hospital in Guizhou. 2020-10-10
Three judges and a State-owned company executive in Shanghai embroiled in a prostitution scandal have been expelled from the Party, with four also given 10 days administrative detention by police. 2019-4-2
Yuans hope for his business is due to Chinas move in the last few months to boost the private aviation industry. 2018-12-7
But it has vowed to shake off the plight by 2017 across the prefecture through a variety of measures including the Mutual Aid Union program. 2015-5-23
Investigators said the overheated catalytic converter and muffler set the straw on fire. 2017-1-6
Xiang Nanfu, 62, have published lots of false stories on the website Boxun since 2009, with his username Feixiang--flying in Chinese. 2018-9-9
More than 80 percent of manufacturing operations in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, will be using industrial robots and related intelligent technologies by 2020, according to official projections. 2016-9-14
Choe said Kims aim in sending him to China is to improve, consolidate and develop DPRK-China relations.
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Its circulation was around 420,000 when it debuted.
The vast majority of these are transnational in nature, and hence require the cooperation of all national governments as well as private sector actors, he said.
Titles and awards issued by the Chinese Hospital Management Association - which claimed to be under the supervision of the National Health and Family Planning Commission - were sold at varying prices, according to media reports.
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To that end, the governments top priority will be to establish ocean protection zones and ocean parks, he added.  Bupa, a UK-based health insurance company, announced in December a plan to open two wholly-owned medical centers in Guangzhou this year, targeting the high-income group, especially the elderly.
The new runway can guarantee the safe takeoff and landing of the Airbus A380, the report said.  Right direction neededThe next decade will be a crucial stage for Chinas urbanization, said Zhang Monan, an economy researcher with the State Information Center.
Art test-takers wait in anticipation for 2017 exam更多>>
In a world where so many of our developing thoughts and queries and plans must be entrusted to the open internet, mass surveillance is not simply a matter of privacy, but of academic freedom and human liberty, Snowden said. 2017-5-12 
The group arrived at Hangzhou Railway Station in Zhejiangs provincial capital at around 1:40 pm after a five-hour, high-speed train ride from Beijing. 2015-4-29 
FUZHOU - A flash fire followed by an explosion erupted at a paraxylene (PX) plant in East Chinas Fujian province early Tuesday morning, according to authorities in Zhangpu county. 2016-10-4 
Any comment on the new administration? I see four qualities that define good leaders: brains, soul, heart and good nerves. 2018-3-13 
The government pledged to cut more approvals and shift its focus on supervision and macro-management, said He Jianzhong, who was in charge of the State Council office for reform of administrative approval system. 2018-10-12 
Visitors in the under construction wetlands park can take a rest in a tent, Yingguan village, Sichuan province, Oct 13. 2019-4-28 
The length of cooking, number and amount of ingredients are pre-set on the robot. 2017-6-27 
  Urban planners need their due respect更多>>
Police said that aside of the coin found inside the engine, the other eight were found on the ground nearby. 2019-3-27 
China has entered the era of three Ps: GDP, CPI and PM2. 2019-2-10 
Despite fast economic growth, India has not become a key engine of global growth due to its relatively small economy. 2017-5-22 
The only way to cobble together a majority is to win over independent members of parliament. 2018-11-3 
He is glad to find that more people are supportive now. 2016-1-4 
She also said she loves her Chinese friends. 2016-1-3 
Jill Vacek, a spokeswoman for Boeing subsidiary Insitu, said the company had built 1,685 of the aircraft. 2019-5-24 
Iran, world powers push for Tuesday nuclear deal更多>>
A participant of No Pants Subway Ride is seen on the subway in Shanghai January 13, 2013. 2018-9-17 
Compared with the United States, auto financing in China is still relatively underdeveloped, said Winston Xue, general manager of financial services at J. 2019-3-19 
It further boosted its CCB holding in November, buying shares from Bank of America Corp. 2016-4-23 
The number of people joining this association has surged to over 100, with all of them working in the tourist accommodations business providing either guest rooms or Tibetan food services. 2019-4-22 
By the end of last year, 52. 2017-7-19 
Last Friday, part of a five-story residential building in east Chinas Zhejiang Province collapsed, killing one person and injuring six others. 2016-3-25 
On July 25 and 26, the US and Kenya co-hosted the sixth Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi, which was aimed at not only promoting entrepreneurship on the continent, but also expanding trade with African countries. 2018-3-29 
53 billion) program was initiated in autumn 2011 and covers 680 poor cities and counties in Northwest China, allowing 26 million students to receive free meals for the duration of their compulsory education, which is primary school to junior middle school in China. 2016-12-21 
  Capital steeped in autumn splendor更多>>
Sichuan Changhong Electric Co Ltd posted a net loss of 314 million yuan (. 2016-11-21 
Organizations able to offer such opportunities, coupled with clear personal development strategies, are likely to have the edge as attractive employers in the eyes of many talented and ambitious young Chinese people, the survey found. 2018-2-17 
The heat wave is expected to move toward the south, with rainfall coming around Friday in the north, cooling down the hot weather, said He Lifu, chief forecaster of the National Meteorological Center. 2019-7-3 
The fire was under control at 11 pm on Aug 5. 2019-5-30 
A special safety overhaul on the countrys oil and gas pipeline will begin in early March, the administration said. 2018-2-6 
Scenario-based drills such as this are a valuable opportunity for practice, Ding said during a brief ceremony on Monday morning. 2018-11-6 
The government is spending 300,000 yuan (,000) on the program, mainly in subsidies to veterinary clinics that perform the neutering and spaying operations. 2019-3-26 
According to this years list, released on Wednesday, the number of shortlisted Chinese companies rose to 110, from 106 last year. 2017-3-9 
Mending of ties between China and ROK is good for region更多
Ten photos from across China: April 7-13更多
  A cartoon of former Chinese President Hu Jintao is seen on display at the 10th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival in Hangzhou, April 29, 2014. Of the projects listed on the plan, the Seventh Ring Road stands out. In the future, we will add more imported food, fresh food and own-label products, Dai said. Xu Caihou, former vice-chairman of Chinas Central Military Commission (CMC), confessed to taking huge bribes after PLA prosecutors completed investigating him in late October last year and began filing the case. The resort is turning into a sort of concentration camp.
  Taobao simply provides a digital display of the medicines, and customers are encouraged to buy via the drugstore by redirecting them to drugstores websites, he said. It can also be in your way of thinking. The change was confirmed as expected at the Central Rural Work Conference held in Beijing on Dec 23-24, 2013. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying made the remarks at a regular press briefing when was asked to comment on the role of the Regional Anti-Terrorism Structure of the SCO.